90% of purchases are still in store. Stores offer faster gratification. Think instant gratification. Stores also offer easier returns in general. Stores like Dollar General and 5 below make shopping more fun. 5 Below is a store where they offer every item for five dollars or less. They now have 750 locations. Their profits are up six-fold. This is more for the treasure hunt style shopper where they don’t know what they want but they do want convenience and instant gratification. Their challenge is the online shoppers that know exactly what they want.  


Retail Stores That are Closing Locations 


Destination Maternity is set to close a hundred and seventeen stores this year and up to sixty seven next year. They expect over forty percent of their business to be online by the year 2022. They currently are using the Amazon Marketplace.   


Lowe’s is also expected to close over fifty over there stores in North America, thirty one of those being in Canada. They’re already closing the Orchard Supply stores.  


The only store that we’re aware of that closed on Election Day is ModCloth.  


Sears will close forty stores next year.