This is the season for furniture to be out of stock with manufacturers. This is the hot season of furniture buying so demand gets higher than the supply, especially the top selling goods go out of stock for a while. That’s why it’s important to stock product that you know you sell before the season to make sure you don’t lose out on any sales in which the customers aren’t willing to wait. Then that brings up the following question.

How Do You Know What Will Sell During the Holidays?

The holidays are the best time for people to make big purchases like furniture, appliances, & more because of all the deals available for a short while, giving everyone a reason to purchase on sight. There’s less shopping around, less time in between viewing the products and the purchase, more discounts, and more demand which leaves little room for hesitation when it comes to the consumer. But how do you know exactly what furniture to stock during this important time of business? Simple, look back on the previous years and what was hot, and then turn to your current options, considering similarities in big-selling items in the past. Also, what were customers buying consistently before the holiday season? Chances are it’s not much different. Just consider the inventory you need so you can sell as much as possible without having to worry about any products getting out of stock. As a furniture store, being prepared in high-season is what will take your business to the next level. Consider Garden Treasures Patio Furniture, last year they had 1/3 of their sales come in during the holiday season (October-December) which is unheard of! For this reason, they are huge advocates of stocking up and advertising your sales for the season.

Still not sure what to stock up on? Take a look at your competitors and see how profitable their actions are for them!